Wardrobe & Costume Design

Wardrobe Production: 8+ yrs


Class Times

Tuesdays: 6:30-7:20 pm


Our wardrobe & costume production classes will take the student from idea to completion using simple design and sewing techniques including, hand and machine stitching, beading, painting, pattern implementation, etc.

Students will learn how to work within a budget to create essential costuming elements for both actors and dancers.

This class will be working on costuming for both our Dia de los Muertos and Peter Pan productions.

Cost: $80/month for a 50 min weekly class

$30 Registration & materials fee must be paid prior to registration.


Seller (1).png

art in action

Seller created a costume for his role as the Hindu deity Ganesh during our summer India camp. Spending a total of 8 hours, Seller used simple craft supplies to bring Ganesh to life.

From creation to production, Seller worked with classmates and faculty to become the Lord Ganesh.