Classical Ballet & Contemporary

The Steamboat Arts Academy offers dance classes in both ballet and contemporary. Rooted in a classical dance tradition, our classes provide a solid dance foundation and prepare students for advanced classes, workshops, musical theater, theater on ice and summer intensives. 


pre-primary Ballet

Our Pre-primary ballet classes are designed to provide our youngest dancers ages 3-5 years with classical ballet training in a fun and structured environment. 

We offer a 50% discount to our pre-primary students who wish to take class more than once per week. This includes our pre-primary theater classes as well as pre-primary ballet.

Cost: $100 - eight week session (30 min) - $130 - eight week session (50 min)

Ages 6+

Ages 6+

boys only ballet

Boys only ballet classes are structured to teach and support boys of all ages and abilities interested in the art of ballet and performance. Young boys benefit from the camaraderie and freedom of expression that is available in a class for boys, taught by men. 

Our boys only ballet class is taught by our Ballet Master, Jeremiah Jackson. Boys are encouraged to join another primary or ballet 1 class during the week.

Cost: $130 - per eight week session





Ballet & Contemporary

Our ballet and contemporary classes include levels 1-4. These classes are designed to produce the skill and artistry required for natural dance progression. Students are placed into classes based on multiple factors, including skill, age and length of time in ballet. 

Cost: $130 - eight week session


Pointe classes are taught by Jordan Logelin under the direction of our ballet master. Dancers who wish to be considered for pointe classes must take a minimum of 5 hours of additional ballet classes per week at the Academy. Due to the level of technical skill needed for pointe work, no student will be allowed to take pointe classes until they have been formally assessed by our faculty.

If you would like to be formally assessed for pointe, please contact Jeremiah at to schedule a meeting/assessment.

Pas de Deux

The art of partnering is a necessary skill for emerging ballet dancers. Our "Pas de Deux" class is taught by ballet master, Jeremiah Jackson, who has decades of partnering experience in ballet as well as figure skating. This class is available upon approval from the ballet master.

Please contact our studio manager at for more information.